Arguably the best way to determine a practitioner’s ability is by a reference from someone else. Below is a sampling of comments from industry veterans, fellow practitioners, doctors, former students and former clients from all over the USA and the world.

Ms. Lin McKinstry "Yolanda is one of the most respected and renown Micropigmentation professionals in the USA and abroad. She has extensive knowledge and experience as a practitioner, instructor, speaker and author. Yolanda's research articles, in particular, were beneficial to Mei-Cha's customers. We salute her valuable contribution in bringing the Micropigmentation industry to a higher standard."

Lin McKinstry
Mei-Cha International Inc.

"I have had numerous eye professionals (including one of the top lasik surgeons in the Denver area), estheticians, and other beauty practitioners from around the U.S. comment that the eye micropigmentation done by Yolanda is the best they have ever seen. Naturally I am thrilled and flattered that so many have commented on my eyes and how naturally enhanced they appear. And, I love not having to wear eye makeup any more except for those special occasions. Yolanda not only is a true professional but a marvelous artisan!"

Linda Wise
Boulder, Colorado

Ms. Eva Patel"Yolanda Moore complemented our services here at Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in San Francisco. Our clients loved her work, as her attention to detail is far superior to other work I have seen in the past. Yolanda's outstanding personal touch, expertise with permanent makeup and proper color matching makes her very unique. She is extremely artistic and individually customizes her work. Her professionalism and expertise far exceeds others I have met in the industry! Yolanda is not only an expert in permanent makeup but also in correction of permanent makeup. Several clients had requested touch ups or correction of some bad work they had done elsewhere.

I have personally had my eyeliner and brows done by Yolanda. I was a little skeptical at first as I am quite well known in the skin care industry and felt that my face was too important to my career. After seeing Yolanda's work and so many of my clients very happy with their results I decided to do it. I can say it was the best thing I have ever done. It saves a lot of time on a daily basis. However, the best is that I look good all the time, no smudging or flaking of eyeliner even when you cry! I definitely recommend it."

Eva Patel
Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

Ms. Pati Pavlik

"Thank goodness for 1st class Educators such as Yolanda Moore. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Yolanda and observe first hand her professional excellence with the permanent make up procedure and commitment to higher education through her state-of-the-art training programs."

Pati Pavlik
National Cosmetic Tattooing Association

(Pati is affectionately known as the "Mother of Permanent Cosmetics")

"Having trained at a 2-day course and left knowing nothing I then trained with Yolanda Moore. LeMor MPI's training was in-depth, thorough, with lots of practical work. The knowledge that she imparts is so detailed that you end up knowing a lot more than other training facilities. The back up support was excellent. Any questions I had were answered immediately and I felt completely confident knowing that Yolanda was always on hand. Throughout my career in Permanent Makeup Yolanda was the backbone of my success in this business, I have the highest respect for her incredible and vast knowledge in this field. Her professionalism is of the highest level. I am very thankful for Yolanda."

Vivien Jones
Perth College of Beauty Therapy
Perth, Western Australia

"I really, really want for you to know how happy & GRATEFUL I am for the results you have given me with your permanent makeup procedures on my lips & eyes. My lasting results are much better than I could've imagined.
Because of scarring on both of my lips, I did not expect your results to be any better from past procedures I've had here in Houston (which ended with NO lasting results at all). I'm actually shocked that your results were not only LASTING, but PERFECT, better than my own hand could create.

You drastically corrected the line & even brought it in further making it perfectly smooth & natural while significantly enhancing the color.

Thank you so..... so much."

Ms. Kim Cerda
Houston, Texas

"I had the pleasure of receiving permanent cosmetics training from Yolanda Moore. Her in-depth subject matter knowledge, communication ability and attentiveness to her students' needs make Yolanda the consummate professional trainer."

Susan Van Epps, M.D.
Florence, South Carolina

RoeBoe"I have had the privilege and honor of working and teaching with Yolanda Moore and was so impressed with her training curriculum and the application of her program. I found her methods to be extremely comprehensive and simplistic for entry level trainees and her advanced methods simply magnificent. Ms. Moore is detail oriented and her work is finished and immaculate. I know when I recommend someone interested in training to Ms. Moore that they will be receiving the finest education. Ms. Moore graces the permanent cosmetic industry with dignity and honor."

Rose Marie Beauchemin
Beau Institute of Permanent & Corrective Cosmetics

"Remember when I was in about a week ago (Oct. 11) to have you finish my gorgeous eyeliner? Thank you so much. I totally love it!

I hope you gain more business from this. I know I've been telling people how great you are in every way. There is no better Yolanda - you're the BEST. I can't thank you enough for all you've given me."

April Smith
Walnut Creek, California

Kari Heath "Yolanda, I'd love to see the picture of my beautiful finished product on your website. I am so thrilled with them! Aren't they fabulous? You are the BEST! Many Thanks."

Kari Heath
Stockton, California

"There are a select few individuals who have contributed to the growth and acceptance of the field of Micropigmentation over the past two decades. Yolanda Moore is without question one of these influential people."

Darlene Story
Lasting Impression I, Inc.

Rebecca Castaneda, DDS "Yolanda has changed my total look. I have always had dominant eyes but I considered my eyebrows to be Ďwimpy.í Since Iíve had my brows enhanced, Iíve gotten numerous compliments from friends and associates on my new look. I am a very busy woman and the biggest advantage for me is no longer having to put makeup on my brows. My eyebrows have simply been removed from my daily makeup routine."

Rebecca Castaneda, DDS
The Aesthetika Center


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