We carry topical anesthetics and after care products that have been proven by years of use here at LeMor.

NOTE: All topicals are for professional use only.

Topical Anesthetics & After Care
Item Description
Prepcaine pre-procedure anesthetic cream contains 2% lidocaine and 1.5% tetracaine in a cream base. To be used on unbroken skin.
Super Trio®
4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine, 12% benzocaine cream anesthetic is for use before a painful procedure.
Not for use around the eyes.


Apply to the unbroken skin. Wait 20 minutes or until the numbing effect occurs and then remove prior to beginning the procedure. PH balanced. Formulated specifically for eyeliner procedures!
Fast acting 4% lidocaine wash for broken skin procedures. Anesthetic solution is an odorless, non-stinging liquid to be applied during permanent makeup procedures (especially lips). Not for use around the eyes.
This liquid anesthetic has a dual purpose: skin cleanser and powerful anesthetic for use during procedures. It contains 2% lidocaine, 1.5% tetracaine, and 6% benzocaine. It is safe for use for all procedures (use extreme care with eyeliner.)
Sustaine Blue Gel
Contains 4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine for numbing, as well as .02% epinephrine to reduce swelling, bruising and bleeding. Unlike Prepcaine, Sustaine gel anesthetic is not a pre-procedure deadener and ineffective when applied to intact skin.
Bacitracin Zinc Ointment
0.9 gm foil packs (144 per box)
Infection control after the procedure.
Numpot Gold
1 oz
5% Lidocaine ointment offers pain relief for intact skin. Safe for use on eyelids and lips before you begin, or, for lips, before and after you've broken the skin. Numpot keeps the skin numb and moisturized and tears don't wash it away. Keep out of direct contact with eyes.
Ultra Duration Liquid
1 oz
Need pain control for lips? This is the MUST HAVE anesthetic for lips! Liquid "Ultra" works fast. Dab over broken skin to control pain and swelling especially for lips. Not for use around the eyes
DOTC Blue Gel
15 Grams
Original formula DOTC Blue is a favorite of thousands of PC professionals. Use before you begin on intact skin. Apply with care to keep out of eyes.
TAG #45
1 oz Gel
The "classic" original professional formula effective for control of pain and swelling after the skin is broken.
4 grams
Liprotek helps soothe and moisturize full lipcolor procedures AND has the added protection of a herpes inhibitor, local anesthetic and herbal antioxidants for healing.
4 grams
Healing ointment stick with botanicals to soothe and protect permanent makeup during the healing period. Safe for use around eyes, brows and lips. Skin breathes through this light veil of vitamin fortified balm.
Save Money! Fine tip brushes for applying topical anesthetics PRECISELY where you need it without the liquid absorption of cotton tip applicators. Will not leave fibers!
15 grams
A 2% Tetracaine topical anesthetic that provides a profound numbing effect for superficially painful conditions. Lasts for up to 45 minutes. You can apply NumFast™ to thin skin for 12-15 minutes. Thick skin: 50-60 minutes.
NumQuick Pink


A botanical topical containing jojoba oil and aloe vera , Numquick Original Formula is safe for use on eyelids, brows and lips before you begin. Everyone's favorite topical that's easy to use, safe and effective. Keep out of direct contact with eyes.

NumQuick Gel
2 fl oz

Anorectal gel with epinephrine. Once skin is broken, apply over area and wait 60-90 seconds. Apply 2-3 more times during procedure as needed.

4 grams

A handy stick that can be applied often in a 15-30 minute period before lip procedures. 5% Lidocaine. Single patient use. Good for 3- 4 procedures. Patient can apply on the way to your office. Follow with TAG #45 Gel when skin is broken.

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